Life Close To The Arctic

At the request of Dina I create this post.
Most images are shown earlier.
The images are from many parts of Norway,
in different seasons.
Maybe they will entice you to a visit?
It’s unusual for me to to make a post with so many photos.
Please, be indulgent with me!
To study the details, -click on image to enlarge!
Dovre Snøhetta
Snøhetta, Dovre, in autumn colors.
Rondane (2)
From a part of Rondane in autumn colors
Rondane (1)
From this view Harald Sohlberg painted his picture
«Vinternatt i Rondane»
From a mountain farm, Dørålseter in Rondane.
Autumn is here!
A musk ox itching his back.
You will probably meet these animals at Dovrefjell.
Beware!Preikestolen (1)
Preikestolen (The Pulpit)- Lysefjorden
Preikestolen (2)
Lysefjorden seen from Preikestolen
Geiranger (1)
Geiranger, Møre og Romsdal
Raftssundet – Lofoten og Vesterålen, Nordland
White taild eagle
White-tailed Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla )
is looking for fish in Flatanger, Norway
Reflections at Jølstravannet – Sogn og Fjordane
Suphellebreen, a glacier – Sogn og Fjordane
Hjelmeland solnedgang
Sunset – Hjelmeland – Ryfylke, Rogaland
Midnattsol Sortland
Midnightsun at Sortland, Nordland
Briksdalsbreen (1)
Summer bathing at Briksdalsbreen, Sogn og Fjordane.
Kind of preparing for the winter!
My contribution to: «My Sky» –  «Ein Stück Himmel»  –
«Sky Watch Friday» –  «Weekend Reflections»
The «tags» will tell you what Nikon body and lense used.

94 responses

  1. So beautiful!

    september 14, 2013, kl. 18:26

  2. Reblogged this on The World according to Dina and commented:
    Many of you are familiar with the fine work of the Norwegian Nikon Ambassador Hans H Bjørstad. And of course his impressive avatar in the water! 🙂 He has been blogging for a long time and I sort of feel sorry for all the older post about the natural beauty in Norway that are falling behind, more or less suppressed by the latest ones. I’m sure you’re all familiar with this feeling in retrospect of earlier work. On my request Hans is showing us what it is like to live close to the Arctic. Thank you very much Hans! Please give him a visit and enjoy his captures of the Norwegian landscape.

    september 14, 2013, kl. 18:31

  3. Klausbernd

    Dear Hans,
    really great pictures! I am impressed.
    Thank you for sharing

    september 14, 2013, kl. 18:48

  4. Ajaytao2010

    Very beautiful pictures sir excellent

    september 14, 2013, kl. 18:50

  5. thebarbarianman

    Reblogged this on Travel perspective, tales, and advice and commented:
    Amazing scenery here!

    september 14, 2013, kl. 18:55

  6. Cathy Ballou Mealey

    Especially love Midnightsun at Sortland and Reflections. Gorgeous!

    september 14, 2013, kl. 18:57

  7. Impressive photos,Hans! They reflect beauty,though cold 🙂

    september 14, 2013, kl. 19:03

  8. Superflotte bilder av det Norge har å by på av vakker natur.

    september 14, 2013, kl. 19:41

  9. very beautiful photos.. Thank you for sharing.
    groetjes, Francina

    september 14, 2013, kl. 20:07

  10. Utroligt smukke billeder.
    De bedste hilsner,

    september 14, 2013, kl. 20:49

  11. Hei Hans,
    your photography is a compliment to the Norwegian nature. I am especially fond of the third one, enabling me look at Rondane like Sohlberg did. My second favourite is Raftssundet in Lofoten and I love all the impressions from Dovre. I have never been there, but our family ist strongly connected to Dovre so we hope to see it for ourselves one day. Your portrait on Norway is outstanding, Hans and I thank you so much for all your work and effort. Enjoy your weekend!

    september 14, 2013, kl. 21:21

  12. Wonderful collection showing us the natural wonders of Norway. Thank you, it’s a beautiful post 🙂

    september 14, 2013, kl. 22:41

  13. Beautiful!! I loved the musk ox and the stately mountain peak in Norland. Wow.

    september 14, 2013, kl. 22:45

  14. Love the photo of The Pulpit and also the midnightsun. Wow!!!

    september 14, 2013, kl. 22:49

  15. mickzwo

    I think, these pictures are overwhelming!

    september 14, 2013, kl. 23:35

  16. So wunderschön ♥

    september 15, 2013, kl. 00:20

  17. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos of Norway. The reflections are beautiful.
    Thank you for visiting me today also.

    september 15, 2013, kl. 00:56

  18. bo

    Reblogged this on Bobbi's Blog and commented:
    Just beautiful!

    september 15, 2013, kl. 01:47

  19. Absolutely gorgeous landscape – the reflections in the fjord are stunning. What a rugged land, though, probably not easy to live there….

    september 15, 2013, kl. 03:32

  20. amo molto il grande Nord ed ho visitato molte volte la Norvegia, i tuoi scatti emozionanti mi hanno fatto venire voglia di tornare

    I love the great North and I visited many times the Norway, exciting your shots made me want to come back
    Thank you

    september 15, 2013, kl. 04:04

  21. Stunning!

    september 15, 2013, kl. 07:29

  22. WOW! Vårt vakre vakre land.

    september 15, 2013, kl. 10:16

  23. beautiful collection 🙂

    september 15, 2013, kl. 11:11

  24. Beautiful country and beautiful images! 🙂

    september 15, 2013, kl. 12:49

  25. Så avundsjuk jag blir:) Jätte vackra bilder .men den på örnen blir en av mina favoriter här 🙂

    september 15, 2013, kl. 14:25

  26. Amazing captures of marvelous landscapes!

    september 15, 2013, kl. 16:46

  27. Stunning! Especially the eagle soaring across the water!

    september 15, 2013, kl. 19:20

  28. Stunning photos..jalal

    september 15, 2013, kl. 21:06

  29. Underbara bilder från det vackra Norge!

    september 15, 2013, kl. 22:10

  30. Stunningly beautiful! I’m heading to the airport right now…

    september 16, 2013, kl. 01:10

  31. pattisj

    Lovely photos. The sunsets are beautiful beyond words.

    september 16, 2013, kl. 04:42

  32. So many pictures to comment on. They were all very impressive from the glorious sunsets, the foolhardy man sitting on the edge of a sheer rock face to beautiful snow capped hills or mountains.

    september 16, 2013, kl. 06:31

  33. Excellent compositions! I love those colors, splendid and beautiful scenery! I think it’s a nice collection!

    september 16, 2013, kl. 07:42

  34. These are really great. I like especially the first autumn pictures most. And every time I look on newer photos of Briksdalsbreen, I’m shocked how small the glacier got.

    september 16, 2013, kl. 09:11

  35. Fantastisk – pragtfulde billeder med masser af atmosfære… 🙂

    september 16, 2013, kl. 10:46

  36. It looks cold but interesting, I like it!

    september 16, 2013, kl. 19:28

  37. Di

    Absolutt slående bilder, kjempefine variasjoner og farger! Nydelig 🙂

    september 16, 2013, kl. 21:17

  38. Stunning images, Hans!!

    september 17, 2013, kl. 01:12

  39. Your beautiful images makes me want to visit Norway!!

    september 17, 2013, kl. 03:12

  40. Wow, what the glorious set of the amazing landscapes! like it. such you are a great photographer…
    Regards my other main blog

    september 17, 2013, kl. 09:45

  41. Amazing scenery.

    september 17, 2013, kl. 19:38

  42. Heidrun

    Grandiose Bilder … Fantastic sky on each pict

    september 18, 2013, kl. 12:48

  43. Tilbaketråkk: Life Close To The Arctic | Ta hendene til din kjære – se på dem og hold dem hardt Disse hendene skal du følge, leie og lede. Du skal få føle på varmen fra dem og kjenne en inderlig glede. De skal stryke deg og de skal holde rundt deg – de er ikk

  44. Ja dette var et utrolig flott utvalg av Norges vakre natur. Bedre Norgesreklame kan neppe gis! Plukker ikke ut noen favoritter … de er det alle sammen!

    Irene 🙂

    september 18, 2013, kl. 14:54

  45. WOW, das sind einfach großartige Aufnahmen! Super klasse!!!

    september 18, 2013, kl. 16:57

  46. Wunderschön, lieber Hans,……gute Arbeit!

    september 18, 2013, kl. 18:43

  47. do

    Wonderful colors …
    Herzlich, do

    september 18, 2013, kl. 19:58

  48. …megazauberschöne Photos…
    herzlichst Steffi

    september 18, 2013, kl. 20:14

  49. vackert så det nästan gör ont. 🙂

    september 18, 2013, kl. 21:16

  50. Dear Hans, I see big pictures of a great country. I really must visit Norway. Thanks for this lovely post!

    september 18, 2013, kl. 21:39

  51. Har du vært i Varanger og fotografert mørketidslyset? Sjekk gjerne ut Bjarne Riestos hjemmeside 🙂

    september 19, 2013, kl. 06:44

  52. Hello Hans,
    gorgeous series of amazing sky pictures!
    It’s a festival for our eyes!
    Have a nice day

    september 19, 2013, kl. 11:54

  53. Michaela

    Traumhaft schön, man kann stundenlang still verharren und nur staunen…
    Lieben Gruß, Michaela

    september 19, 2013, kl. 17:14


    september 19, 2013, kl. 18:24

  55. Wow – so many beautiful shots.

    september 19, 2013, kl. 19:29

  56. Fantastic photos and post,Hans!Very impressing!Have a nice weekend!

    september 19, 2013, kl. 20:58

  57. Nydelig. Vi bor i et vakkert land 🙂
    Ha en fin kveld. 🙂

    september 19, 2013, kl. 22:32

  58. Hans, these are stunning shots.

    september 19, 2013, kl. 22:44

  59. Rantenhagen

    Dette var skikkelig norgesreklame! Vakkert!

    september 19, 2013, kl. 23:01

  60. Beautiful scenic views! The mountains, skies and the eagle in flight are all gorgeous photos. Have a happy weekend!

    september 19, 2013, kl. 23:29

  61. Wonderful shots. I love the mountains, sky and birds.

    september 20, 2013, kl. 00:13

  62. Jim

    Good skies.

    september 20, 2013, kl. 00:42

  63. simply incredible.

    september 20, 2013, kl. 01:17

  64. A gorgeous series!

    september 20, 2013, kl. 03:24

  65. Well, it’s official… I REALLY want to visit!! Excellent photos.

    september 20, 2013, kl. 06:18

  66. Beautiful!!! they really make me want to visit Norway! just hope I can, sometime!!!

    september 20, 2013, kl. 06:54

  67. Breath taking shots. Love them all.

    september 20, 2013, kl. 07:14

  68. Du viser bare så mange dejlige billeder, tænker på vores ture i Norge med glæde 🙂

    september 20, 2013, kl. 07:59

  69. Joop

    Wonderful pictures….. it’s so nice there.

    Greetings, Joop

    september 20, 2013, kl. 09:29

  70. Stunning series,love the reflection and sunset most.

    september 20, 2013, kl. 14:57

  71. Gorgeous Shots, cannot stop looking at them

    september 20, 2013, kl. 17:29

  72. I love that you shared all these! Just magnificent! The shot of the eagle gave me chills. And the one right after is a WONDER-FULL reflection shot! Love the sunset with the boats too!

    september 20, 2013, kl. 19:40

  73. Well Dina was so right to insist… Those pictures are simply marvellous : thanks for sharing so much beauty.

    september 20, 2013, kl. 19:54

  74. Jeg har sett en del av disse bildene tidligere, men du verden… de er vel verdt å se igjen!
    Fantastisk Norgesreklame:)

    september 20, 2013, kl. 21:18

  75. Wow! Stunningly beautiful photos!

    september 20, 2013, kl. 23:59

  76. Magnificent photo shots of a very beautiful country ~ carol, ^_^

    september 21, 2013, kl. 01:07

  77. A plethora of wonderful images Hans!
    ‘The Pulpit’ is an amazing shot!
    Love those last sunsets – gorgeous!

    september 21, 2013, kl. 01:22

  78. Very nice photos! Impressive river of snow!

    september 21, 2013, kl. 11:01

  79. Wonderful pictures. It helps that you live in a country that has an even more beautiful landscape but you show it us perfectly. The lake is mirror like . Wow.

    september 21, 2013, kl. 11:23

  80. Stunning scenery and amazing photographs…or is it the other way around?

    september 21, 2013, kl. 17:55

  81. Your photos are wonderful!

    september 21, 2013, kl. 19:43

  82. WoW!! Amazing post.. great captures 🙂 this place is in my wishlist. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    september 21, 2013, kl. 21:09

  83. Your Pulpit photos are absolutely staggering! Then I saw your sunset. Speechless! Take me to Norway 🙂

    september 21, 2013, kl. 21:39

  84. really great pictures…beautiful nature…

    september 22, 2013, kl. 10:16

  85. Wow, Hans, beautiful photos of a beautiful place.

    september 22, 2013, kl. 17:38

  86. I would LOVE to come to Norway…just stunning beauty…Michelle

    september 22, 2013, kl. 22:33

  87. There are no words, thank you! I’m sharing these…

    september 23, 2013, kl. 15:30

  88. Norge er så vakkert 🙂
    Du har gjørt imponerende jobb, flott bilder!!

    september 29, 2013, kl. 16:18

  89. Wundervolle Bilder 🙂 L.G.Kerstin

    oktober 2, 2013, kl. 13:50

  90. Such a fantastic landscape and such brilliant photography.

    oktober 20, 2013, kl. 21:28

  91. Reblogged this on BritNorAmFreedom.

    november 18, 2013, kl. 00:53

  92. Tilbaketråkk: Northern Mindscapes | The World according to Dina

  93. ho avuto la fortuna di visitare alcuni dei luoghi qui fotografati, ma non ho mai visto lassù aquile o tramonti così belli…fortunatamente li vedo nelle tue foto

    I was lucky enough to visit some of the places here photographed, but I’ve never seen up there Eagles or so beautiful sunsets … Fortunately I see them in your photos

    grazie mille

    januar 10, 2014, kl. 00:54

  94. very beautiful photos!

    januar 19, 2014, kl. 20:20

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